Badrinath Weather

Due to geographical location, Badrinath is prone to extreme weather conditions. In monsoon one must avoid visiting the temple. A regular update on the Badrinath climate is a must.

Badrinath in Summers

During summer the climate gets moderate which makes it the best time to enjoy a pleasant pilgrimage to Badrinath. March to June is the perfect month for temple visit. It is also apt for sightseeing trips.

Badrinath in Monsoons

Due to high altitudes, Badrinath faces heavy rainfall and landslides. So, it becomes difficult to travel Badrinath during monsoons. In June to mid-September the temperature drops down to 15 C.

Badrinath in Winters

Badrinath temple closes for six months during winters every year. Chilly days from November to April make the average minimum temperature fall to 5C. Minimum can touch sub zero levels.

Seasons Months Temperature
Summer March to June 7°C-18°C
Monsoon July to September 5°C-15°C
Winter October-April 1°C-14°C (may reach sub zero levels)

Badrinath Weather Guide for the Year 2019

Given table below will help you know the Badrinath climate conditions as per month.

Month Weather Condition in Badrinath
April Moderately cold climate is found in April. It is a good time for devotees to visit Barinath.
May Badrinath temple opens in May. Climate is warm and tourist season for Badrinath starts.
June The snow begins to melt in June as the weather gets warmer. It is one of the best seasons to visit Badrinath.
July It becomes difficult to travel during this time. Heavy downpour causes landslides.
August Occasional rainfall takes place in the month of August.
September The temperature starts to drop. Weather remains humid.
October Winters began to start making it the last month for the pilgrimage.
November, December, January, February, March Badrinath temple is closed during these months due to extreme cold weather conditions. Roads get blocked by heavy snow.

Best Time/Season to Visit Badrinath

The ideal time to visit Badrinath Dham is during summers from May to June and then in September and October. May/June is the most crowded months. Pilgrims in large number flock to pay visit during this time of the year. For a quite spiritual journey September/October is the ideal time.

Planning to Visit Badrinath Dham, Char Dham? Check first when the Badrinath Temple Open. Here is the Opening & Closing Dates of Badrinath Dham

Badrinath Open & Closing Dates »

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